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I'm Meehae Song

My work explores the intersections between the human body and the technology space using biofeedback technology. I have over 20 years of XR media design and delivery, teaching and mentoring experience for diverse audiences. My current PhD research is in the fields of AI portraits, aesthetic emotion space and XR applications.

I continue to teach at Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, Circuit Stream and EthosLab/Centre for Digital Media. As a Unity Certified Instructor/Unity Professional Artist, I run workshops for corporate clients through Unity.

My Career Journey So Far ..

I started my career in XR technologies at Fraunhofer Singapore as a Research Engineer in 2000, working on various XR applications for the industry, with focus on Digital Twins (Factory, Architecture, Forensics, Construction) and heritage preservation.

I am the Founder of VRObjects. I offer consulting and educational services in the field of XR content development and delivery. I also work closely with artists on XR Art Installations.

XR Design Instructor
Interactive 3D Artist
Curriculum Developer
XR, AI, Biofeedfack
Unity Certified Instructor
Unity Professional Artist

Selected Publications

  • How to Leverage VR for Education
    Invited Talk
    DiscoTech 2023, College of the Rockies, Cranbrook, B.C.
    (Oct 2023)
  • Interplay
    VR Showcase
    Chamber, Jongro-Ku, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    (Oct 2022)
  • Uninterruped VR
    VR On-Location
    ‍Canada Wild Productions, Greater Vancouver Area
    (July-August 2021)
  • BioFlockVR
    VR Installation
    Global Developers Forum VR/AR Festival, South Korea
    (July 2019)
  • Biosensing as an Interface to Bring Humanness into Virtual Realities and AI Artwork
    Invited Lecture
    Global Developers Forum VR/AR Festival, South Korea
    (July 2019)
  • A System and Framework for Bio-responsive Interactives for VR and Art Therapeutics
    S. DiPaola, M. Song, A. Kadir
    Stanford University (Presented by Dr. Steve DiPaola)
  • Research Fellow
    Mind & Life Summer Research Institute, New York
    (July 2013)

Installations & Invited Talks

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