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I'm Meehae Song

My work explores the intersections between the human body and the technology space using sensor technology. I have over 20 years of XR media design and delivery, teaching and mentoring experience for diverse audiences. My current PhD research (Dr. Steve DiPaola/iVizLab) is in the fields of cognitive science, generative AI portrait systems, and XR applications.

I continue to teach at Simon Fraser University, Circuit Stream, and Ethọ́s Lab/Centre for Digital Media. As a Unity Certified Instructor/Unity Professional Artist, I run workshops for corporate clients through Unity.

My Career Journey So Far ..

I started my career in XR technologies at Fraunhofer Singapore as a Research Engineer in 2000, working on various XR applications for the industry, with focus on Digital Twins (Factory, Architecture, Forensics, Construction) and heritage preservation.

I am the Founder of XRObjects. I offer consulting and educational services in the field of XR content development and delivery. I also work closely with artists on XR Art Installations.

Ethọ́s Lab/CDM

XR Design Instructor
Interactive Artist
Curriculum Developer
XR, AI, Biofeedfack
Unity Certified Instructor
Unity Professional Artist

Selected Publications

  • How to Leverage XR for Education
    Invited Talk
    DiscoTech 2023, College of the Rockies, Cranbrook, B.C.
    (Oct 2023)
  • Interplay
    VR Showcase
    Chamber, Jongro-Ku, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    (Oct 2022)
  • Uninterruped VR
    VR On-Location
    ‍Canada Wild Productions, Greater Vancouver Area
    (July-August 2021)
  • BioFlockVR
    VR Installation
    Global Developers Forum VR/AR Festival, South Korea
    (July 2019)
  • Biosensing as an Interface to Bring Humanness into Virtual Realities and AI Artwork
    Invited Lecture
    Global Developers Forum VR/AR Festival, South Korea
    (July 2019)
  • A System and Framework for Bio-responsive Interactives for VR and Art Therapeutics
    S. DiPaola, M. Song, A. Kadir
    Stanford University (Presented by Dr. Steve DiPaola)
  • Research Fellow
    Mind & Life Summer Research Institute, New York
    (July 2013)

Installations & Invited Talks

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