Project Manager & Interactive Artist, Chamber
Project Overview
Funded through Interactive Arts & Sciences Grant, Korea Culture and Art Institute (South Korea), Chamber has 3 members: Sunny Kim (Artist), Enna Bae (Curator), and Meehae Song (Interactive Artist).

For Interplay, we invited a Neuroscientist (Dr. Steven J. Barnes), Programmer & System Architect (Serkan Pekçetin) and Senior Audio Designer (Sashen Reddy) to collaborate on a VR art installation.
My Contributions
As the Project Manager and Interactive Artist, I worked with each member of the team to conceptualize, design and develop the VR experience, working with EEG data analysis and designing the interactions.

As the Interactive Artist, I worked closely with Sunny Kim to design the environment entirely inside the Meta Quest 2, laying out each stone and tree while immersed in the virtual space.
Interactive Artist
Project Manager
Jan 2022 — Dec 2022
Interplay explores the interactions between the act of making, the driving force behind creation and the receiving cognitive system. Artist Sunny Kim and 3D Interactive Artist/Researcher Meehae Song invite Neuroscientist Dr. Steven J. Barnes to apply EEG data to create a personal virtual experience. The VR I see and the VR you see are bound to be different. However, we cannot dismiss the fact that we are experiencing the same artwork, making us realize that there are visible and invisible elements at play. The act of seeing (not myself) is the moment we come face to face with our own inner world.