Uninterrupted VR

VR Technology Consultant for Canada Wild Productions
Project Overview
Uninterrupted was originally an installation under the Cambie Street bridge in the City of Vancouver in 2017. The team at Canada Wild Productions worked on Uninterrupted VR piece for the Meta Quest 2 headsets, recreating the city of Vancouver and the entire experience in VR.

Original Uninterrupted, 2017Uninterrupted (2017)
Uninterrupted VR, 2021: https://uninterrupted.ca/
My Contributions
I worked closely with the Director Nettie Wild, on the ergonomics of the Meta Quest 2, extending the battery life, sterilization process and setup for 20 Meta Quest 2 headsets. I was responsible for training 5 staff members who ran 4 shows daily for 20 socially-distanced audience members over a period of 2 months.
Uninterrupted VR was a virtual reality on-location installation of the originalUninterrupted Cambie Street Bridge installation from 2017. Uninterrupted is a 24 minute film that brings the beauty and struggle of salmon migration to the heart of Vancouver. Uninterrupted VR  brings the salmon to the virtual city of Vancouver and shows the salmon’s homeward journey on the virtual Cambie Street Bridge inside the Meta Quest 2 headset.
Uninterrupted VR 2021
VR Technology Consultant
Aug 2020 — Aug 2021