Interactive Artist and Researcher, iVIzLab, SFU
Project Overview
BioFlockVR is a two person VR experience that was born from years of research in the field of biofeedback, entrainment, mindfulness and phenomena in nature. BioFlockVR focuses on the process of one's experience, creating an organic and unique experiential space for each immersant.
My Contributions
I worked on the entire process from ideation, conceptualization, generative 3D models to implementing the flocking in real-time. I led a team of 5 researchers to research and implement biofeedback technologies and create real-time particle systems using PopcornFX.

This project was invited and showcased at the GDF VR/AR Festival in South Korea in 2019.
BioFlockVR explores the inter-relationships between humans, the tightly coupled real-virtual environments and technology spaces we share through the lens of our own bodies. The immersants are an integral part of the installation as they explore the surreal and nature-inspired environments that are constantly evolving through their own and the other's biometric data.
Interactive Artist & Researcher