Virtual Meditative Walk

Interactive Artist & Researcher, Transforming Pain Lab, SFU
Project Overview
This was a project with the Transforming Pain Lab at SIAT, SFU. The idea behind Virtual Meditative Walk was conceived and realized based on walking meditation and working with chronic pain population in Victoria, BC. I worked on the first prototype versions of the Project.
My Contributions
The project was conceived as a result of my interests in mindfulness and Buddhism practises of my cultural background. I worked closely with J.D. Yim in conceptualizing and creating the first prototypes of the Virtual Meditative Walk using the real-time engine 3DVIA Virtools and connecting Thought Technology's galvanic skin response (GSR) sensors and a uni-directional treadmill for locomotion.
Virtual Meditative Walk explores the connection between one's physiological responses to nature phenomena (fog) in a virtual forest that the immersants walk through at their own pace. The fog in the forest is directly connected to the galvanic skin response (GSR) of the immersant and as they start to regulate and move through the environment, the fog lifts and they start to see their surroundings. Fireflies start to appear when they reach an optimal state of their physiology.
Virtual Meditative Walk
Interactive Artist & Researcher